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Thanks to William F. Barclay for collecting and organizing much of this material in his book
103D INFANTRY DIVISION SIGNAL COMPANT REMEMBRANCES and to the many men of the 103d Infantry Division Signal Company who's interesting observations provide the condiments for this feast.

The official records tell part of that history but we have opted to let the story be told primarily through the recollections of Signal Company men as recorded in Barclay's book


  The 103d Signal Company, one of the several Special Troops Companies of the 103d Infantry Division, was constituted as an Organized Reserve Unit and assigned to the Eighth Corps Area, on 24 June 1921.  The Company was ordered to be made active at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, effective 15 November 1942, as a component of the 103d Infantry Division, to be allotted-10 Commissioned Officers, 1 Warrant Officer, and 311 EM, (enlisted men, including non-commissioned officers).

 Prior to that date the 103d Signal Company had no other history but, was apparently an inactive part of the Organized Reserve 103d Infantry Division created in 1921.

  During the middle of October 1942 the first group of Officers constituting the original Officer Cadre began arriving at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.  Among the first to arrive was Lt. Col. Carolus A. Brown, (then Captain) newly appointed Division Signal Officer.  Shortly afterward Captain Kenneth C. H. Colman (then 1st Lt.) arrived to make preparations for the reception of the remainder of the Officers and men.

  The original Officer Cadre was generally graduates of the Officer Candidate School at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.  They were:

  2nd Lt. JOSEPH A. ALLISON, Message Center Officer.
  2nd Lt. BERNARD BECK, Sig C Radio Officer.
  2nd Lt. DENNIS A. DELANEY, Telephone & Telegraph  Officer.
  2nd Lt. CHARLES A. DEWS, Supply Officer.
  2nd Lt. MAURICE A. HANNON, Sig C Motor Officer.
  2nd Lt. JOHN C. MITCHELL, Sig C Construction Officer.
  2nd Lt. JACK OWENS, Sig C Radio Intelligence Officer.
  2nd Lt. JULIUS S. SEDENSKY, Sig C Construction Officer.

Some of these original officers continued to serve the 103d Division Signal Company until the time of breaking up the company after the war in Europe had ended. Capt. Beck and 1st Lt. Sedensky then went with many of the members of the old company to the 45th Division Signal Company stationed near Munich, Germany.

 An enlisted cadre of 21 men was assigned to the 103d Signal Company from the 85th Division Signal Company, per par 24, SC#1 Hq. 103D Infantry Division.  Authority of transfer from the 85th Division was SO#120 Hq. 85th Infantry Division dated 6 October 1942.

 The enlisted cadre was as follows:



6151751 *
FINKBEINER, JAMES A. S/Sgt.  33266644
NEWMAN, RAY C. M/Sgt. 18034160 *
WOLF, THURMAN K. T/3d  17051271 *
HENDERSON, F.C. 1st Sgt. 8852535 *
GILES, M.B. T/Sgt. 38128265
TARDIFF, R.R. T/Sgt. 16084430
ROE, R. T/Sgt. 12065129 *
ST. CIN, E.C. T/Sgt. 37182784
FISHER, E. S/Sgt. 6232072 *
GRANT, P.A. S/Sgt. 37122510
HOPPEL, H.E. S/Sgt. 39375966
CAMPBELL, E.E. Sgt. 6297937
SWEENEY, F.P.  Sgt. 12065177
CHILDERS, J.W. T/4th 18034146 *
GILL, ODES F. T/4th 6284853
GURECKY, J.P. T/4th  35262893
BUSBY, J.O. T/4th 18128737 *
DAVIS, R.J. T/4th 37125335 *
HESS, R.J.  Cpl.  32287533
CLEMMER, RALPH F  T/5th 34303835

 The men indicated by *, left the company before shipment overseas.

This cadre was augmented on 10 November 1942 by Pfc's Nixon, Nordstrom and Penick per par. 15 SO.#24 Hq. Midwestern Signal Corps School dated 7 November 1942.

Most of these Non-commissioned officers continued with the 103d Division Signal Company through basic training, maneuvers and overseas combat service. Without exception, they were competent and successful in all phases of their service.  They were joined by additional NCO transfers and promotions of men from the ranks of the company.


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