Warfare is mankind's ultimate insanity.
Your sense of humor is the only refuge,
The only island of sanity in an insane world.



This book is dedicated to all men and women who served in
The Armed Forces of the United States during World War II
but especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice that
the rest of us might live out our lives in freedom.


        This first hand account of some of my experiences in World War II was written
for my grandson Brenton Colen Kelber who has shown a strong interest in history and World War II in particular, or, as he calls it, "Papa's War." During 1994, the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of France, there were so many television documentaries about the war in Europe that he inundated me with questions like: "Were you there?" and  "Was it really like that?" There were many long discussions about the war and many memories were dredged up, some good, some bad. It finally seemed like the right thing to do to give him a written record. Memories fade with time so I hope I will be forgiven for occasional errors as to dates, and participants in the events chronicled.

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