University of Florida
       Alumni Association

           Sept. 26-28
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What is     It is composed of individuals who received
   the      their first degree from the University of Florida
Grand                             FIFTY
Guard?                     or more years ago.

The Grand Guard Medallion

Our opponent will be
 University of Kentucky Wildcats
(Always exciting
wide-open football.)

I, unavoidably, missed the
2001 Reunion
but this will give you an idea
of what it is all about.



We Ate

Heard a Few Speeches,
(Some From Officials)

And Some From "Ole Coonbottom"
(Never At a Loss For Words)

And We Ate Some More
(This is the College of Engineering Luncheon)


We Entered the Swamp for the
Induction Banquet
Through the Time Tunnel

And ATE Some More

New Inductees Sang
"We Are The Boys From Old Florida"

We Rode A Lot of Busses, Too



We Ate One More Time
at the
Florida Museum of Natural History
And Picked the Bones Clean


Football:  University of Florida vs Kentucky

There Was A Threat of Rain All Day
(but it didn't materialize)

Can't find yourself?

                        You are in the small white patch in the lower
                              right corner of the stands. See below.
                       Yeah, That's you, the one with the big 50 on your


The Score:  U of F-59    KY-31
 How 'Bout Them Gators

Some couldn't take the heat in The Swamp
and retreated to the Alumni Association
to watch the end in air conditioned comfort.

If This Was Your First Reunion,
Click HERE for Some Clips From
  the 1999 Grand Guard Reunion

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Need to talk to a real live person?
Elise Brodeur
U of F Alumni Association


Albert and Alberta

                  2002 Reunion Schedule
             (Borrowed from the Alumni Association Webpage)

                       Thursday, September 26, 2002
                          3:30-5:00 PM
                                Registration: Holiday Inn University Center, Sheraton
                                Hotel, UF Hotel and Conference Center, J. Wayne Reitz Union
                         6:30-8:00 PM
                                President's Welcome Reception, Dr. Charles E. Young,
                                Holloway Touchdown Terrace

                       Friday, September 27, 2002
                           8:30 AM
                                Breakfast Buffet at the UF Hotel and Conference  Center
                            9:30 AM
                                Grand Guard Breakfast Program Welcome by Wayne
                                McDaniel; Guest Speakers TBA
                          11:15 AM
                          11:30 AM
                            Load Buses
                          12:00 PM
                                College Programs & Lunches - at your various colleges
                           2:15 PM
                                Back to Hotels - Free Time
                         The following Evening Events will be held in the Florida Gym
                            6:00 PM
                                Stroll Down Memory Lane and Cocktail Reception
                            7:00 PM
                            8:15 PM
                                Induction Ceremony for the class of 1952 and
                                Recognition of Grand Guard Alumni
                           9:15 PM
                                Mingling and Dancing

                       Saturday, September 28, 2002
                             9:30 AM
                                "A Breakfast to Remember" - Florida Gym
                          11:30 AM
                                Campus Tour (optional) or Back to Hotels - Free Time
                           2:30 PM
                                Alumni Association Travel Presentation (optional) -
                                Florida Gym
                           3:30 PM
                                Pre-Game Pep Rally BBQ at the Florida Gym - Student
                                Presentations, Smathers Libraries Exhibit,
                                Cheerleaders, Albert and Alberta, Pep Band, Glee Club,
                                and more surprises
                           6:00 PM
                                Football-UF vs. Kentucky

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