Dick Brantley's
K H S Diary

Editor's Note: Dick Brantley, Class of 1956, has taken on the daunting task of determining the current location and, where applicable, home addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of every person who ever attended Ketterlinus and St.Augustine High School, whether living or deceased. From time to time, he writes entries in his diary of events relative to this search. Please give him whatever help you can in completing this work. This section is devoted to these pages from his diary.

Thought I would tell you about the great time I had in St. Augustine and Palatka, FL on 11/1-2/2002.

I had planned on going to St. Augustine for the Class of 1950 Reunion on Saturday night, but got a call Friday morning from a high school friend and classmate, Paul Perry, Jr. (1956).  He told me that there was a big article in the St. Augustine Record, showing the 1954 KHS Yellow Jacket and how it related to the big game on Friday night, between two undefeated team, from St. Augustine and Palatka High Schools.  Both of this year teams were 9 -0 and rated #1 and #2 in the State Class 3A polls.  Of course, SAHS was rated #1.  The relationship to the 1954 team occurred in that it is the only undefeated team in school history.  That team went 11 - 0 and scored 251 points and only allowed 31 to be scored against them.  I am particularly proud of that team, since I was a member.  Coach Walt Slater (U of Tenn.) was the head coach and Ray Drost (U of Tenn.) (1922 - 1994 Cookeville, TN) was the assistant  or line coach.  Other coaches were Robert Goodwin (KHS 1943) (1925 - 1976, St. Augustine, FL) and John Toncoff.  They coached the "B" Team.

After talking with Paul and encouragement from my wife, Alice Campbell (1955), I was off to Palatka and to the game.  There were about 6000 people at the game, according to the paper and I can verify that many were standing 4 rows deep outside the fence in the end zones.  I was fortunate enough to sit next to Tommy Beach (1949) and we two old jocks discussed the game.  John Weedman (1954), Walter "Sonny" Short (1954), Johnny Taylor (SJA/KHS 1956), Maurice Solano, Paul & Mary Perry (1956) (Manager 1954)sat near by.  It was like old home week.  I saw, but it was too crowded to get to them, Aubrey "Oochie" May (1956, Tackle 1954), Ronnie McCormick (1956), and Rose Marie Hasty Jarriel (1956).  Jack "Rusty" Rinehart (1948) was doing radio announcing for the game.  Ok, back to the game,  "old doom & gloom" (Brantley & Beach) got to worrying when Palatka scored the first 2 times they got the ball and held SAHS to -12 yards on it's first possession.  As things turned out, thanks enlarge to a player named Willie Cooper, SAHS won the game in overtime 35-34.  SAHS had a chance to win in regulation, but you Florida State Fans know what "wide right" means.  The kicker redeemed himself in the overtime period by hitting the extra point, where as, the PHS kicker missed the extra point, "wide left".  You FSU fans also remember that.

Tommy's son and grandson were sitting with Tommy.  His grandson, who is working on his Master Degree in Architecture at the U of FLA, told me that both he and his dad's SAHS teams, lost to PHS in Palatka.  Only his grandfather's KHS 1948 team (37-2) beat them there.  Tommy was an "All Conference" Back for the KHS Mullets.  Well, enough football for now.

Tommy gave me some information that I was looking for on his brother, Laurie "Jack" (1948)  and Myrl Cowart (1949) Beach.  They both are buried in St. Ambrose Cemetery in Elkton, FL.  I stopped by for a visit on Saturday morning and also visited with Roger "Bubba" Solano, Jr. (Hastings H.S.) (1936 - 1971) and his mother, Gladys Strickland Solano Leverette (1932) (1913 - 1992).  I am always looking for birth/death dates and last names for my old SAHS/KHS Class Rolls.  If you know of any, please let me know.  I would like to make a "Birthday" List, so that I may wish you a Happy Birthday, when that glorious occasion arrives.  Yes, I know most of us would like to avoid them at our ages, but be thankful that we are still looking at the "green side of the grass".

Stopped by to see Connie (1948) and Betty Roberts (1947) Hunter, but they were not home.  Connie had a major heart attack about a month ago and I don't know if he is yet at home.  Did stop by and saw Sylvia Swindull (1956), she is undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer.  She seems to be doing fine.  Her sister in law, Judy Thomas (1955) Swindull and Mary Prine, wife of Kenny Prine (1954) were there working on "Designing/decorating Eggs", fancy stuff.

I was then off to the Class of 1950 Reunion and it was held at the Shrine's Club on Moultrie Creek.  They had held a get together at Bernie and Helen Masters's home, out at the St. Johns River, on Friday afternoon and also a brunch at Jim and Mary Ruth Phillips Moreland's home at Ponte Vedra Beach on Saturday morning.  Jim and Mary Ruth were both in the Class of 1950.  Helen Masters told me that she didn't graduate from KHS.  Both Bernie and Jim were outstanding football players for KHS.  I didn't attend the get together, since I didn't want to spoil most of the weekend for them, so I only attended the Saturday night dinner.  Some of the Class attended those, but didn't make Saturday night, because they heard I was coming.  Seriously, I understand both were well attended and everyone enjoyed the visits and appreciated the efforts put on by Bernie and Helen, Jim and Mary Ruth.  Unfortunately or fortunately, John Carcaba, Larry Rhodes and Larry Jaffe (with only one e) attended that Glorious Game in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday Night.  In case you are wondering, it was Florida 20, Georgia 13.

Donald "Sleepy" Wehking and J. B. Hunt hosted the Shrine's Club dinner.  I got to meet a bunch of those 1950 Classmates that I had been e-mailing with other the years.  I also picked up some birthdays, additional e-mail addresses and met in person those Classmates that I have only known through the 1950 Kettle, which was loaned to me by Delora Godwin Mark. I knew some of the football guys, because I use to "jump the fence" at the KHS Football games to get in, in those days.  Heck, I didn't have any money.  Hey, what more could you ask for.  The dinner was fine and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with everyone.  Blanche Garmont Brown and Mae VanKirk & her husband allowed me to sit at their table.  It couldn't have been better, since I got to ask them a few questions on their families.  Blanche's brother, Michael Garmont, were on the 1954 & 1955 Jacket football and track teams.  Mike died in 1995.  Mae told me that Richard VanKirk, Class of 1943 (1924 - 1990) was her brother, and I knew Billy VanKirk (1955) and Jan VanKirk (1957) were her brothers.

Got to meet Mary Carol West Bagwell, who wrote with her then husband Ben Prince Bagwell (1951), the "Jacket Reservation" from which I get most of my, prior to 1953, football information.  Ben or Prince, as most of us remember him sent me a copy and I much appreciated it.  Mary Carol is the sister of Judson West (1946).  Alice and I saw him again, after many years, at the Class of 1946 Reunion, held in October 2001.  I will digress from the 1950 Reunion to mention that Judson gave a short speech at the 1946 Reunion on how things have changed.  He was referring as to how he use to get on a bus with his rifle and travel to Sanford, FL to go hunting each year and no one even thought anything about it.  They would call out the Sheriff, if you tried that today.

Now back to the 1950 Reunion.  Talked with Helen Hinson Doyle and she said she was not related to the Ruth Hinson Douglas (1950) (1931 - 2001) or Myrtie Hinson Powers (1946).  Just a special note, please keep Myrtie in your prayers since she has had breast cancer and is undergoing radiation treatments now.  Jerry Corbett Cannon and husband Bill Cannon were there from Clinton, SC.  Jerry and I have been e-mailing for awhile.  She is the sister of Ralph "Bucky" Corbett, Jr. (1954) and daughter of Ralph Corbett (1923).  She is also related to Deloren Dempsey Corbett, St. Johns County School Superintendent from 1913-1925 & again from 1934-1944.  She is related to Horace Corbett (1923), Harry Stuart Corbett (1923), Deloren Jr. (1926).  Harry was married to Rachel Linscott, (1926).  She was also a cousin to Elsie Corbett Buford (1919) (VP Senior Class & FSCW Graduate) and a KHS teacher from 1939 - 42.  She taught Literature.  I do know that she taught Jerry in Grammar School.  Dempsey died in 1944, Dempsey, Jr. in 1970, Elsie in 1979, Horace in 1950, and Harry in 1979.  I forgot to ask Jerry about her dad.  No, I didn't get all that information from her at the Reunion.

Got a chance to talk with Delores Kennedy Rowley and she told me about interning for our English teacher, Mrs. Frances Douglas Kalv (KHS 1936) ( KHS Teacher 1947 - 57+).  I probably was there, but old age is taking its toll on me and I didn't remember.  Got a chance to meet Everett "Cuzzy" Peterson and his wife Carol Ford Peterson.  They live over in Lutz, FL.  Cuzzy told me that his brother is Tommy Peterson, Class of 1958.  Carol is sister to Donnie Ford (1954), Gail Ford Knapp (1938), and some others, but I couldn't remember whom.  I will ask Donnie since I see him once in awhile when I go to St. Augustine.  Others at the big event were Jerry Blair, Ronald Godwin, who I think is a retired Pan American Airways Pilot, Melvin Upp and wife, Mitzi Zeiler Upp both 1950 Classmates came.  I told Mitzi that I had a copy of the 1949 Kettle, made from her 1949 Kettle. Onward, Teesh Little Reilly and husband were there.  Teesh and I have been e-mailing for awhile and it was nice to meet her.  Joan Medlin Hill and husband were also there.  Joan is another classmate that I e-mail with.  She gave me and others a copy of the June 2, 1950 "The Independent" school newspaper.   It had a picture of the Class in the school auditorium and gave a "run down" on the many of the Class and their accomplishments  in sports.  In another letter, I will detail those more.  Look at all the good things that you can obtain when you go to Class Reunions.

Delora Godwin Mark and Shirley Burchfield Pacetti, both came up from down my way.  Delora gave me a copy of the Friday Newspaper showing the 1954 Football team.  She and Shirley found a copy at her brother, Sonny Burchfield's home.  That was very nice of them.  Delora was married to Francis Mark (1946) (1928-1984) and Shirley to Don Ray Pacetti, whom died last year in Melbourne, FL.  Delora lives in Titusville and we talk every now and them.  Shirley's twin sister, Etta is married to Donald Germain, Class of 1949.  Etta was at KHS through her Junior Class.  I spoke with them for a few minutes at breakfast on Saturday morning.  My cousin, Margarrett Brantley Hall (1957), and I saw  them at the restaurant, across from the Sheriff's Department on US 1 north.  Walter Germain, a brother, was in the Class of 1950, but is now deceased.  I met his brother, Richard, at the 1947 Reunion back in May of this year.  Carolyn Germain Roberts is in the Class of 1953 and their mother, Isabelle Chambers Germain (1907-1997) was in the Class of 1926.

Got to meet Edsel Moody, whom I have been trying to get in contact with, since his name came up on the "Classmates.com" site.  Also made contact with Ellen Stroman Robinson, she attend KHS and left during her Junior year to move to South Carolina to be with her father.  Her husband, Jim Robinson, worked for NASA at Huntsville, AL so we had something in common, since I worked for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, FL.  Sam Russell came and I spoke to him for a few minutes.  We had e-mailed each other, when I was looking for Jimmy Williams, Class of 1950,  but Sam didn't know where he was.  Sam is the brother of  Geraldine Russell Sarris (1952) and brother in law of Steve Sarris (1948).  Had a good conversation with Roy Kitchens and wife, Doris Lucille Stafford Kitchens (1949).  Lucille told me about her brother, William "Bud" Stafford (1949).  Bud died in Astor, FL in 1998.  Roy is the brother of Dorothy Kitchens Felterman, Class of 1952.  She had previous told me about Bud Stafford.  Going back to Jimmy Williams, if anyone knows his whereabouts, please let me know.  He has an older brother, Charles Williams, Class of 1948, but we can't find either of them.  I e-mailed with Wilson Dodge, Class of 1949, and a cousin of theirs, but he hadn't seen them for many years.

Jack Yopp and wife, Mary Alice Yopp came in from Murrells Inlet, SC.  I could tell from his out going personality that he must have been quite a guy in High School.  He seemed to be a nice person to be around.   Julian Fant and wife, Mildred Williams Fant (1951) came over from Treasure Beach, FL.  It is always good to see and talk with them.  I attended the 1951 Reunion last year and had a good time there.  Both Julian and Millie were there and we talked over old times a little.  Before I forget, Julian's sisters,  Sara Fant Tyre (1935) and Lillian Fant Neighbors (1933) (1915-1991) and brother, Bill Fant (1939) (1920-1990) were all graduates of KHS. Lillian sons, Lowell Neighbors (1954) and John Neighbors (1957) were also KHS Graduates.  Carolyn Williams Neighbors (married to Lowell), Millie sister, is a 1954 Graduate. Last, but  not least, and I hope I haven't left anyone out, but I am sure I have, is Donald "Sleepy" and his wife, Diane Hoey Wehking.  It is always good to see them and Diane keeps me up on how the St. Joe crowd is doing and did tell me that Sleepy's brother, Bob Wehking (1956) and wife, Darla Jo Flautt Wehking (1959) have moved to St. Augustine.  Bob and I played football together at KHS and both received football scholarships to play for the Gators.  I finished my Gator playing days in 1959 and Bob in 1960.  I told you I would forget to mention someone in more detail, J. B. Hunt.  J. B. asked me to take a picture of the Class with his camera.  He set it up for me, but that doesn't mean to much.  I hope they turn out ok.  I took some with mine and so did Diane.  I don't guarantee anything, since at the 1951 Reunion, I took 24 pictures with out film in my camera.  The camera counted like it the film was load.  I took another 2 rolls and they came up "blank" when I had them developed, so you see where my talent isn't.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I had a great time at the SAHS/PHS football game, hearing the Gators beat Georgia and attending the 1950 Reunion.  The only thing that could have made it better, was you being there with me.


I had a great time at the KHS Mullet Christmas Luncheon held at the Conch House on Sunday 12/08/02.  Met a lot of new people that I hadn't previously known and learned some items that were really important to me.

Donald Buck, Class of 1937, invited me and I thoroughly enjoyed being there.  His wife, Ethel, is a bundle of energy.  I asked her about Ernee Senidies, Class of 1948, and she contacted Steve Sarris after the Luncheon and e-mailed me some information on her.  Ernee is a distance cousin of Steve Sarris (1948) and lives in Cal.  Donald was also kind enough to bring me a  Picture of the 1936 and also the 1937 Class, with most of the classmates identified.  Donald's brother, Franklin, was in the Class of 1936.  Frank died in Cal. in 1994. He also gave me a picture of the KHS Mullet Breakfast Club, with the members identified.  When the Club started in 1981, there were 51 members and many are deceased today.  I know many of them from growing up in St. Augustine.  Also from my reviewing of the Jacket Reservation, written by Ben Prince Bagwell(1951) and Mary Carol West Bagwell (1950).  I was fortunate to meet both of them, Prince at the 1951 Reunion held in Sept. 2001 and Mary Carol at the 1950 Reunion in November 2002.

 Donald Buck      Frank Buck

The names (35 ) of those in the 1981 Picture are: William Barrett, Edward Arnold, Jack Beals, Donald Buck, Putnam Calhoun, Cecil Carter, Arthur Campbell, Leroy Chambers, Milton Coxe, Durham Carnes, Cecil David, C.A. Dupont, Earle Eichholz, Rodman Goode, Charles Henry, Raymond Hines, Roger Hunter, Harold Hubbard, Walter Lawton, Henry Lloyd, Owen McAloon, James McNair, William Padgett, Peter Pierce, Aaron Snyder, John Spengler,  Charles Walker, Frank Conwell Joffre Boston, Eugene Capps, Russell Cummings, Joseph Lichter, Samuel Flloyd, Charles Mould, and J.C. Williams.

Back to the Luncheon.  I sat at the table with a couple of young ladies and my High School Coach, Walter Slater.  The young ladies were Helen Marie Nader (1933) and Annie Nader Pfaff (1935).  They told me about the grocery store their family owned across from the D&B School in North City and how Annie use to deliver grocery to the families in the area.  She rode her bicycle.   They also told me about one of their brothers, Eli Nader.  I didn't know that he was in WWII as a pilot and shot down 3 Messhersmitts(sp) during the war.  He was in the Class of 1936.  Eli died of a heart attack, while playing golf with his son.  This occurred in Tampa, FL in 1968.  He is buried in the family site in the San Lorenzo Cem. in St. Augustine.  They have another brother George Nader.  They also said they would look for their Class Pictures for me.  How can you lose with their help.   Trying to find those Class pictures would have been tough and tougher yet to identify the face with the picture.

Eli Nader

Got to meet Stuart and Charlene Whitten Craig, both in the Class of 1936.  They helped to identify some of those in the Class of 1936, that Donald Buck hadn't identified.   Learned that my cousin, by marriage, Jim Craig, is their nephew.  Jim is the son of William Craig (1942) and Caroline Brown Craig (1940).  He is also the nephew of Gus (1940) and Margie Craig, who were at the breakfast.  Got to meet Margie for the first time and she has an e-mail address so that made it more perfect.  Stuart and Charlene also gave me their e-mail address.  I have been to enough funerals in St. Augustine to know Gus and Stuart Craig.  It is always nice to see them.

Didn't get a chance to talk with Frankie Collyer Walker (1937), but she was there.  She was married to Charles Walker, Class of 1933, who is now deceased (1991).  My wife remembered Frankie Walker, right off.  Frankie is also related to Kenny Prine, Class of 1954.  If I can remember right, she use to be with on WFOY radio in St. Augustine.  "Pappy" Schilling, I believed owned the station.  I know Julian Fant (1950) worked at the station.  I can remember him getting in touch with me to announce my signing of a football scholarship with Florida.   That was a long time ago for me to remember anything, but I do remember that I wasn't too talkative.  Too bashful, I guess.  Frankie attended with her care giver Sheila O'Neill.

Onward.  Got to meet Isabelle Russell Chapman (1941) and I learned that she is the sister of Kathleen Russell Rockwell (1955).  She had another sister, maybe Mary Alice Russell, Class of 1945, but I can't remember.  Mind is going fast.  I should write down some of this stuff, when I am at the get together.   She brought a couple of old newspaper articles for Annie Nader, showing her and some other classmates.  I tell you guys, these ladies were very nice looking in those pictures.  Makes me wish I had been born sooner.  Strange how you think, when you see someone today how old they are, but for me going back through the Kettles, Class Pictures, etc.,  they always appear as they did back in those school years.

David Green brought a picture of the 1940 KHS Football team.  Fred Hanson, 1941, had previously sent me a picture with most of the guys identified.  Speaking of those attending, Judge Robbie Andreu (1941), was quite an athlete back in those days.  Unfortunately, I didn't get his wife's name, but have a picture of her.  "Now she won't send me their e-mail address".  When I asked Robbie about an e-mail address, he pointed to the smart one in the family.  Said he didn't know anything about a computer.  Got a new e-mail address from Elton Hayes (1945).  I had been getting bounces on his previous address.  I see Elton at most of the Breakfasts I attend.

Talked with Dick (1942) and Anita (SJA 1944) Francis and they tell me they have their house on BayView Dr. up for sale and they plan to move near their children in Winter Haven, FL.  I learned that Vernon Francis (1945) is Dick's brother and lives in Sebastian, FL.  Vernon is not doing very well, health wise.  He has "macular degeneration (sp) of the eyes and also has a bad case of Alzheimers (sp).  Vernon was in the Navy during WWII.

  Vernon Francis

Talked for a few minutes with Helen Varn Holton (1944) and Marjorie Varn Leonard (1947). Marjorie husband is Jim Leonard, 1943.  Helen's husband is Jim Holton (1941), who died in 1993. I had been trying to find Edna Oliver Holton, sister of Raymond (1942) and Jim.  I knew she was deceased, but didn't know her married name and Helen gave it to me.  I found her in the Social Security Death Index and she died in August 1977.  Her married name was Edna Oliver Holton Raudenbush and she died in Miami, FL.

 Edna Oliver Holton Raudenbush

Got to meet Russell (1935) and Margaret Cummings.  Wish I had more time to talk with him about sports in his day.  He was a good friend of Eugene Capps, 1936, who died in August 2001.  Gene's daughter, Karen, had send me pictures of the 1933 football team and his 1936 Class Picture.  She didn't know the identities of most in the picture so, the one I got from Donald Buck was very helpful.   I think I told you that W. Douglas Hartley and Frances Douglas Kalv were in the Class of 1936.  Talked with Kenneta Leonardi, 1938, and Mary Louise Ponce Banta, SJA 1936,  for a few minutes.  I forgot to ask is she was related to Joan and Ann Banta from my years to late 1950's and if she was related to one of the Banta twins that owned the Buick Dealership on San Marco Ave.

    Doug Hartley                  Frances Douglas Kalv

Saw Dr. Richard Langston, 1938, and his wife, Erma Klipstine Langston.  I hadn't seen him in many years, since he use to work on me when I was in high school.  Spoke to Pierce Evans, 1942/43, and thanked him for the jokes, etc that he sends me by e-mail.  Don't know where he gets all that stuff.  Took their tables picture, but it came out blurred.  Yes, I got a cheap digital camera last week and haven't learned how to use it very well.  I am still learning, but it sure can hold a lot of pictures on a 128 mb Compact Flash Card.  Now I just need to train the guy pushing the button.  Didn't get a chance to talk with Raymond Hines (1935) and wife.  We had talked at one of the breakfasts and I mentioned that Clarine Hines Luecking (1938) had died in Titusville, FL in 1999.  He said she was his sister.  There was one other Gentleman at the table with Pierce Evans,  Gus & Margie Craig, Helen Holton, Mrs. R. Andreu, but I didn't get her full name.  About forgot Joe (SJA 1947) and Marilyn Amato Mickler (1948).  They were in attendance.   Marilyn told me the business her family had in St. Augustine, and I think it was having to do with appliances, but I am not sure.  As I have said before, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I probably messed up a lot of names and relations, but that what happens to us young/old guys.   Again, I had a great time and Coach Slater also bought mine and the Nader's dinners, what more could you ask for.  It does make you feel good, when you go to one of these meetings and their refer to you as the "baby" in the group.  Most meetings I go to, they call me an old man.

I took some pictures, but need to figure out how to reduce them in size for e-mailing.  I will do that in the next e-mail.


 Got off to St. Augustine on Saturday April 27,2003 to attend a couple of parties for KHS Graduates.  Left Mims, FL about 10 am expecting to have no trouble in getting to the first party on time, which was scheduled to start at 12 noon.  Arrived at the intersection of I-95 and I-4 in Daytona, FL and that is when the traffic started to slow to 10 miles per hour.  Don't know the cause of this, but the traffic went this was for about 45 minutes.  Finally got to the first party a little after the scheduled time, but didn't miss any of the activities.

The first party was for my cousin, Margarrett Brantley Hall, Class of 1957 and she is retiring June 3, 2003 from the St. Johns County School Board, after 43 years of service.  The party was held on the grounds of Fullerwood School, where she works, and where a number of us attended, while growing up in North City.  I got to enter the building and wander down the Hall on the first floor.  Seemed a lot smaller than when I was growing up and attended there.   Especially wanted to see the room where, Mrs. Kirkwood, school principal and Lyman Kirkwood's (1946) mother use to tan my hide for just being an innocent child (Ha, Ha).  Visiting the school brought back a lot of fond memories.  There were about 50 at the party, and the out going School Superintendent, John B.? and the Deputy School Superintendent, Martha Mickler also attending.  I can remember her name, since I know a number of Micklers.   Margarrett was "semi roasted" by the presenters, but she thoroughly, along with all of us really enjoyed the event.  Alice, my wife, called her this morning and she is still thrilled about the suprise party.

Stopped by Evergreen and St. Augustine Memorial Park to put new flowers on parents and relatives graves.  Had planned on taking a lot of digital pictures of gravestones, but Ms Alice said it was getting too hot so I only shot a few at Evergreen.  Did find the grave of Clyatt Powell, Jr. , Class of 1954 or "Skipper" as I knew him.  Also shot a picture of Phyllis Lanier Ridge's gravestone, Class of 1953.  She is buried next to Alice's Mom & Dad.

Headed on out to Molasses Juntion, west of St. Augustine, to attend another party, which was being held for Sylvia Swindull, Class of 1956 and cousin to Ms. Alice.  She and family were celebrating the end of her Chemo. treatments for breast cancer.  She still must go through the radiation treatments.  On the way to the party we passed a "big" house or horse farm near Molasses Junction.  I told Alice that it must belong to John Daniels (1952) or Bill Young (1954), since I knew only retired Bank Executives could afford any thing like that type of house.  "Just Kidding".  We asked at the party, but no one seemed to know who owned the place.  A little history,  William Adrain Pursley, Class of 1937, at one time coowned the Molassess Junction store and he was famous for his datil pepper jellies and hot sauces.

Got to this party on time and it was held at the home of Sylvia's son, Gary Strickland.  Gary Stickland is also the son of Milton (Tinky) Strickland, Class of 1952.  Gary's wife, Cheryl, is the "Clerk of the Court" for St. Johns County. Carl (Bud) Markel, Class of 1953, previously held that position.  Another Clerk of the Court for many years was Alfred Lawton, Class of 1927.  I believe Bud succeeded him.   Saw a lot of people there and I will name a number of them.  Karl (CJ) Swindull, Richard and Shelba Markel Powers, Kinny Prine from 1954.  Jack and Diane Chambers Daly, Judy Taylor DuBow, Cecille Wilds Quattrochi, Fred Whitley, Marciel Rivers Stiwell, Carol Henley McDonald and Sylvia, along with me from the Class of 1956,  Alice Campbell Brantley, Class of 1955, Grace Jenkins Hall, Class of 1953, Ramelle Dodds Petroglou, Class of 1952, and Jerry Colee and Anita Cody Hall, Class of 1957 all came for the festives.  Ramelle said she couldn't convince Jim Petroglou (1951) to come.  He was home protecting the house. "Just kidding".  Always like to see Jim and enjoy being around him.

There were a bunch of others there, some I knew from my old National Guard Days, such as Frank Persons, Mike Wilbur, Ronnie East and Clem Hall (SJA 1955) among others.  Most everyone came with wives or husbands, that I failed to mention their names, so don't beat me up to badly.  Margarrett's party consisted of barbaqued chicken, beef, & pork,  cold saw, baked beans and potato salad along with cake for desert.  Sylvia's party included, baked beans, potato salad, crawfish, clams, strimp, a low country broil (potatoes, corn, mushrooms, sauage all cooked together) and cakes for desert.  I wonder why I can't lose weight and have a touch of indegestion.

There were a number of other that we were introduced to, but I failed to recall their names.  Got to me Col. David Nelson, husband of Melinda Swindull Nelson, and member of the Florida National Guard, who returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan in March, 2003.  Said he was glad to be home, but really enjoyed representing and serving our country over there.

Found out some news about some of our KHS Graduates that are not doing the greatest and others that are recovering from heart surgery rather well.  Terry Stockdale, Class of 1956, is in a nursing home in St. Augustine and he recently developed a bacterial infection and had to be moved to a private room.  Billy Aikin, Class of 1956, is in Flagler hospital.  He has lung cancer.  Walter "Sonny" Short, Class of 1954, in the past few months had heart bypass surgery at Shands Hospital in Gainesville.  Maybe came home a little too early and cough too hard, while at home.  Had to go back to an have some more surgery to repair the damage (Stiches pullled loose).  They tell me that he is getting along better now.  Jack "Rusty" Rinehart, Class of 1948, is home recovering from heart by-pass surgery.  Sister, Judy Rinehart Rush, tells me that he is doing well.

Got home about 10:30 pm and need to recover today.  Sorry to bore you with all this stuff, but had to talk about some other things, rather than obituaries.

Donnie Hohne, Class of 1960, tells me that he is moving from Birmingham, AL to St. Augustine.  Some you may remember Hohne's Garage on San Marco Ave., across from the D & B School.  That was his father, Carl Hohne.  Brother, Jerry (1956), lives in Tallahassee and is a FSU graduate (After all these years, I do feel a little sympathy for him, since he isn't a University of Florida graduate).  Seriously, both are good friends of mine and I am glad Donnie is returning to St. Augustine.  Hope to see him up there when he returns.

I plan on being at the KHS Mullet Breakfast on May 12, 2003 in St. Augustine to see and get more information on the KHS graduates.  Roy Barnes, Class of 1942, brought some pictures of his mother's, Florence Davis Barnes, Class of 1920 to the last Breakfast and I failed to be there.  Don't want to miss out on those, again.

If anyone has some KHS news out there, please drop me a line about it and I will send it to all or just to a Class.  I know most of us don't know each other, but if you are like me, I like to learn.

Forgot to e-mail everyone that Norman E. Masters, KHS Class of 1942, died on 5/9/03. I believe he was buried in Evergreen in St. Augustine, even though the Obituary listed their home in Statesboro, GA.  Norman was married to Anita Carter Masters, KHS Class of 1948.  He was retired from the Navy and spent many years in south GA working in the medical profession.  I think I remember that right since I can't find the page from the 1942 40th Reunion Booklet that I have.  If anyone would like to see his obituary, please let me know and I will send it to you.

That's all that I can remember for now.


More to follow.


As usual, I am behind times on sending information so let me start from the KHS Mullet Breakfast that I attended on May 12 in St. Augustine.  Always have a good time seeing people and am really pleased that they bring KHS Memorabilia to me and let me take it home to copy.  Helen Varn Holton (1944) brought her scrapbook of newspaper articles and photos, Carl Stokes (1931) brought his Diploma, which on the back had his graduating class listed, and Caroline Brown Craig (1940) brought pictures of Gus (1940) & Billy (1942).  Billy was Caroline's husband.  Roy Barnes (1942) made copies of his mother's 1918 Basketball Team for me and Joe Williams (1938) let me borrow a picture of the KHS Mullet Breakfast Group.   It is always nice to talk about the old days with Herbie Wiles (1946), Donald Buck (1936), Owen McAloon (1932), Pierce Evans (1943), Roland Bowe (1941), Marjorie Varn Leonard (1947) and others there.  Yes, some of them graduated from KHS before I was born, but you don't know how much pleasure I get in finding KHS information.  A lot of this information and their part of KHS history would be lost without them.  I don't ever expect to complete the Project, but it is fun doing the research.  Now if I can get the School System to let me look at their microfilm on the old SAHS/KHS Classes, I could be sure of the people in the graduating classes.  I have about 2800 + names on my rolls, but being an engineer, I like to be exact on who was in each Class.  Then I can add others that attended KHS, but didn't graduate.

Speaking of Owen McAloon, did you know that his sister was married to Richard Boone (Have Gun Will Travel - TV + others)?  She didn't graduate from KHS.  After the Breakfast, I left and went by Jerry and Rita Synder (1933) Kass's home.  They live on  Valencia St. in St. Augustine and for those of you that can remember that far back, their home is just across the street from the Old YMCA.   Mr. Kass had recent heart problems and they didn't attend the KHS Breakfast as they usually do.   Back in the good old days, they owned a grocery store on San Marco Ave.  We sat on their porch for awhile and talked about things back then.  While there, Owen McAloon came in.  Since I was running behind time, I had to leave, but Mr. Kass said he would try to find KHS information that they may have.

Alice and I went to St. Augustine on May 27 to attend a 1947 Mini Reunion at the Holiday Inn on St. Augustine Beach.  There were not as many people there as there was for the one which I attended last year, but I enjoyed seeing all of them again and getting more information.  I found out that Mary Tarver Willis, Jack Usina, Bill Carcaba, and Nancy McMullen Smith were together in the same class from 1st grade until graduation from KHS in 1947.  Nancy told me that she was the mother of eight, grandmother of 23, and great grandmother of 20, with 3 more on the way.  Nancy's first husband (Stratton)(deceased), is the brother of Lenora Stratton Pekot, Class of 1951.  The Stratton's have enough children to start their own baseball game, since Lenora had 14 children.  Bubby and Caroline Wolfe (1947) Buell were there and Bubby brought me a photo of my mother, that my brother, Ted Gillis ("1948") had given him.  Bubby was like a brother to us, back in my younger years.  Bubby also told me that Henry Cherry ("1948") had died on April 16, 2003 in Ocala, FL.  I use the (" ") to say they attended KHS, but didn't graduate from there.  Some of you may remember that Henry's family lived across from Richbourgh's on San Marco Ave.   If I remember right, his Dad was associated with the Coca Cola Plant in North City.  I have a copy of his obituary from the Ocala Star Banner, if anyone would like to have it.  Arthur Powers read the Class Prophecy from the yearbook and they sang some of the songs in the Kettle.  I avoided that, since I didn't want to ruin the evening.  Arthur is the brother of Richard Powers, Class of 1954 and Janet Powers Morgan, Class of 1951.  Janet died in Dec. 2001 from Cancer and she is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine.  Bill & Jean Carcaba came and also Connie (1948) and Betty Roberts (1947) Hunter.  Connie is doing somewhat ok, but not being able to hear very well, especially with the background noises, makes it frustrating for him.

I was back in St. Augustine, on Friday 5/30/03, to attend a seafood buffet, prepare by the master chef, C.J. Swindull (1954), with help from Jimmy Blalock (1953), Hors d'oeuvres from Jimmy Knight (1954) (Shrimp) and Richard Powers (1954) (barbequed shrimp & bacon on a tooth pick).  The meal included dolphin (the eating kind), halibut, shrimp pilau, cold slaw, with home made chocolate covered pecans for desert.  It was an outstanding meal and I really thank CJ for inviting me.   I even got to bring home some for Alice, since she threaten me not to come home again, unless I brought a piece of halibut home for her.  CJ gave me a care package for her.  It was great to see everyone, included the above plus Walter "Sonny" Short, Donnie Ford, Frank Henley, Donald Power, and Wayne Bussey from the Class of 1954.  Johnny Taylor, Robert Taylor and myself were there from the Class of 1956.  Johnny Taylor, a retired FL Nat'l Guard Colonel told me that he had 2 high school Diplomas, one from KHS and another from St. Joe. During his final semester at St. Joe, the "Sisters" felt that he, along with Louis Cook and Marshall Hoey should attend KHS.  He claims that he was innocent of whatever happened over there.  The "Sisters" did award him a Diploma from SJA for the Class of 1956. Others attending were retired Army Guard Officers, Mike Wilbur, Frank Persons and John Bridges.  John and I were in the same Florida National Guard OCS 1963 Class at Camp Blanding.  I graduated at the top of the Class and he went on to be a General.  I went on to be a 1st Lt.

Sonny Short is recovering well from recent heart surgery and then, a staph infection.  He gets around slowly, but at least he is still here with us.  They told me that it was touch and go for awhile.

A bit of KHS History.  Some of you may remember Mary Catherine Nuzum Scarborourgh, KHS Class of 1930, graduated from FSCW and taught at KHS 1941 & 42, maybe more.  She died of Cancer in Miami, FL in June 1956.  She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine.  Her son, Truman Scarborough, Jr. is a lawyer and has been a Brevard County Florida, County Commissioner for a number of years.  Her brother, Russell Kraft Nuzum, Jr., KHS Class of 1928 was an MD and died in Hialeah, FL in 1982.  He is buried in Evergreen.   They have a sister, Sally Bert Nuzum that taught at KHS in 1939.  Truman Scarborough told me her married name, but I forgot and I need to contact him again. There was also a brother, George Creel Nuzum, KHS Class of 1932 that died in Jacksonville, FL in 1971.

I did forget to e-mail everyone that Norman E. Masters, KHS Class of 1942, died on 5/9/03. I believe he was buried in Evergreen in St. Augustine, even though the Obituary listed their home in Statesboro, GA.  Norman was married to Anita Carter Masters, KHS Class of 1948.  He was retired from the Navy and spent many years in south GA working in the medical profession.  I think I remember that right since I can't find the page from the 1942 40th Reunion Booklet that I have.  If anyone would like to see his obituary, please let me know and I will send it to you.

That's all that I can remember for now.


More to follow.


Been way behind on things that have been going on with KHS people.  Here are a few of them that I know about.

Congratulation to McCay Vernon, KHS Class of 1946.  Back on May 24, McCay , was awarded a Doctor of Letters from McDaniel College.  He is a noted researcher on the psychology of deafness and once taught and coached at the Florida School for the Deaf.  He is also a graduate of the University of Florida.  He earned a Masters Degree from Gallaudet University.  He has written 5 books, including the Psychology of Deafness.  His film, "Deaf not Dumb" on the psychological evaluation of deaf children, won first place in the Medicine and Health Division of the United Industrial Film Festival.   He is currently in private practice and is a forensic expert.  He and wife, Marie, live in South Ponte Vedra. Met McCay at a KHS Mullet Breakfast a few months ago.

Congratulation to Everett "Cuzzy" and Carol Ford Peterson on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  This event occurred on May 31, 2003.  Cuzzy and Carol both graduated in the KHS Class of 1950.  They are retired from the Commercial Shrimping Industry and live in Lutz, FL, but I think they spend a lot of time traveling the country.  Got a chance to meet them last November at the 52nd Reunion for the Class of 1950.  Carol has a number of sisters and a brother.  The brother is Don Ford, KHS 1954, sisters, Gail Ford Knapp, KHS 1938, and I think Marge Ford Ryals, KHS 1943.  Both Donnie & Marge live in St. Augustine and Gail in Crescent City, FL. Cuzzy has a brother, Tommy Peterson, KHS 1958.  There may be more, but I don't know.

A little SAHS/KHS History.  Caroline Wolfe Buell, KHS 1947,  made me aware of an article in the St. Augustine Record concerning Jacksonville, FL mayor-elect, John Peyton.  The article featured a history of the Trinity Episcopal Parish in St. Augustine, that was written by Michael Strock, husband of Melinda Wiles Strock, KHS 1957.  Yes, she is related (cousins) to Randy, KHS 1943, Herbie, KHS 1946, and James Wiles, KHS 1951.  Both Randy and James are deceased.  Peyton's great grandfather Louis Fitz-James Hindry headed the Parish for 32 years, starting in 1904.  Louis Fitz-James' daughter was Helen Hindry Stephens, SAHS 1923 and grandmother to John Peyton.  John's grandfather was Malcolm Stephens, SAHS 1921 and I believe a prominent attorney in St. Augustine.  They were married in 1926. Malcolm died in 1985 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine.  Helen died in August 2002 and is buried in Evergreen.  She was 97 years of age when she died.  In 1925, while employed with the St. Augustine Record, she was chosen, Miss St. Augustine.  She was an outstanding musician and played the piano and sang in the church choir.

At the June KHS Mullet Breakfast,  Dorothy Dunham Olson gave me a picture of her Dad, Judge David Ross Dunham, SAHS 1903, and I really appreciated that.  It is very difficult to find photo's of SAHS graduates from those early years. Judge David Dunham is buried in Evergreen Cemetery and now I have a picture of him and of his grave marker.  Roy Barnes, KHS 1942, also gave me a picture of the SAHS 1918 Basketball Subs, showing his Mother, Florence Davis Barnes, SAHS 1920, and his aunt, Ella Mae Davis, SAHS 1910.  I know that sounds a little confusing, since she graduated in 1910, but I think back in those days, you could go back to school to take business courses even though you had graduated.  Now if I could only identify the others in the picture.  I know the name of the Coach and school Principal, Walter E. Knibloe.  He died in 1923 or 1924.  Both Florence Davis Barnes and Ella Mae Davis are buried in Evergreen and yes, I have photos of their grave markers.

Also, in June, I stopped by Mary Tarver Willis, KHS 1947, home and she gave me the 1945 and 1946 Kettles that had belonged to her brother, George Tarver, KHS 1948.  George died in Nacogdoches, TX on 7/16/2002.  I really enjoyed talking with Mary and got a lot of KHS information.   I thoroughly enjoy going through the Kettles and looking at the pictures and history.  For all you guys out there, there were a lot of good looking young ladies in those classes.

I was in St. Augustine last Monday, July 21, to attend the Mullet Breakfast, the only problem was that it occurred on July 14.  Please, no comments, you have to appreciate my age.  Oh well, I went by an saw Annie Mae Braddock Davis, KHS 1940.  We had a good conversation,  since I knew her and family from many years ago.  Her brother is Wilfred "Bubba" Braddock who was a St. Augustine Policeman, and is retired, but he now provides police escorts for funeral services.  I was amazed how young she seems.   She has 4 sons, Wayne, KHS 1959, Vernon, SAHS, Terry SAHS and the youngest, Brad SAHS.  I don't know the years.  Wayne is a retired St. Johns County Deputy Sheriff, Vernon heads A.W. Davis Construction Company, Vernon is retired from ? and Brad is a CPA in St. Augustine.  Some of you may remember her cousin, Miss Winnie Braddock.  She use to live at the corner of Pacific and Grant in North City.  I can remember her and her Model T Ford, that she use to drive all the time.

After I left Mrs. Davis, I went by Donald Wehking, KHS 1950, and wanted to see how his wife, Diane Hoey (SJA) Wehking was doing.  I was disappointed to learn that she was in ICU at Flagler Hospital.  It seems that the Breast Cancer she had 23 years ago, has returned in another cancer form.  Please keep both Diane and Don in your prayers.  I had wanted to go by and see her at Flagler, but Sleepy said that she wasn't feeling very well and didn't want visitors at that time.

I left Don's home and went by Evergreen Cemetery, to take a few hundred digital photos of the grave markers.  Yes, I did find Malcolm and Helen Hindry Stephens' grave stone.  Helen's life information hasn't been engraved yet into the Marble.  After leaving there, I stopped by and saw Terry Stockdale, KHS 1956.  He is in a Rehab. Unit there in St. Augustine.  He is in much better shape than the last few time I saw him.  I didn't think he was going to make it last summer, when he was in a coma for 2 months.  Penny Hecht Jaye, KHS 1959, and some others bought Terry a laptop computer, so that he could go on line and communicate with others.  I can only imagine how grateful he is.   He doesn't have any idea when he will be released from the Rehab Unit.

I had planned on stopping by Barnes Cemetery, near Moultrie Creek, to see if I could find any old SAHS or KHS people buried there. The rain was really coming down, so I went on to Mims.  James Rhea Lindsey, KHS 1951, told me where it was or otherwise, I would never have found it.  When I got home, I did go on line and find Barnes Cemetery listed in the St. Augustine Genealogy Area.  Did find a number of KHS grads. buried there.   James Rhea's family is buried there.  Also, Lester Green, KHS 1952, Cordin Barnes, KHS 1946, and Holbert Barnes, KHS 1939, has a head stone saying he is buried in San Antonio, TX.

On Wednesday, July 23, I attended the funeral of my Uncle Sam Baker in St. Augustine.  Got the chance to see Joe Williams, KHS 1938, Bill Young, KHS 1954, and Caroline Brown Craig, KHS 1940.  Missed seeing Steve Sarris, KHS 1948, Betty Sterling Ray, KHS 1957, and Donnie Hohne , SAHS 1960.  Also got to see Sylvia Gray Hines, KHS 1948.  She use to live across the street from us on Sylvan Drive in North City.  She was previously married to Raymond Strickland, KHS 1947.  It had been better than 30 years since I last saw her.  It was great to see her again.  We walked over in St. Augustine Memorial Park and saw the grave site of her husband, Billy Hines, KHS 1943.  Sylvia told me that Minna Hines Wilson, KHS 1949, is in an assisted living facility, there in St. Augustine.  I was a little disappointed to learn of that.  I know that her brother, Raymond Hines, KHS 1935, died this past March and is buried in Evergreen . Her sister, Clarine Hines Luecking, KHS 1938, died in 1999 and is buried here in Titusville, FL.

That's all that I can remember. Hope you are all doing well.  Until next time.